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Book the right co-worker in one minute.

Netwic lets you know when the staff want to work.

Smart staffing

Get started in a day - no training required.

The employer invites all employees to Netwic via e-mail or sms.

Smart staffing

With the code from the invitation, employees can create their own accounts and ...

Smart staffing when and where they are available for work.

Now the employer knows who is available and can easily...

Book the right co-worker with one click.

Smart staffing

More than 250 000 times every year, co-workers get work at the required time thanks to Netwic.

Smart staffing

Instead of 30 minutes per booked shift, it only takes one minute. Many hours will be saved.

Netwic has all it takes to get the job done quickly.

Calendar Unique calendar functions

SMS Free SMS confirmations

Statistics Statistics

News page Custom news page

Contracts Certificate of employment

LAS LAS monitoring

Target staffing Seniority

Book periods Consecutive reservations

Upload Upload documents

Multi mail Easy e-mailing

Mobile Designed for smartphone

Download Transfer from another system


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